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Employment & Housing Services

Youth Employment

Need help with creating or updating your resume or assistance with job searching? Listed below are some helpful community resources to get you started.

Resources for resume help:

Durham Adolescent Resource Centre (DARC)

The DARC room is located in the office of the Durham Children’s Aid Society and is open for all youth in care age 14-20. Life skill staff are available to assist with resume writing and job searching. We are open Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-6:00pm. No appointment necessary, walk-ins are welcome.

Durham College

Durham College offers a search engine online and every Tuesday night at 4 pm they offer Student Resume Writing Workshops. Seating is limited so please call ahead.

  • Location: 2000 Simcoe St. N, Oshawa, Ontario
  • Phone Number: (905) 721-2000

Durham Region Employment Network

Phone Number: 905-720-1777

John Howard Society

The John Howard Society offers a range of programs and they have several offices in the Durham region. They can assist you in locating employment and housing.

  • Phone Number: Oshawa location (905) 579-8482
  • Phone Number: Whitby location (905) 666-8847
  • Phone Number: Ajax location (905) 427-8165
  • Phone Number: Bowmanville location (905) 623-6814
  • Website:

Below is a list of job search engines that may help you:


The YMCA provides not only fitness and recreation, but supports with employment, career planning and skill training.

Location: 99 Mary Street North, Oshawa, Ontario
Phone Number: (905) 438-9622
Location: 1550 Kingston Rd Unit 16, Pickering ON
Phone Number: (905) 427-7670

META Vocational Services

META Vocational offers supports and programs for persons with disabilities. They can assist you to develop and obtain your employment goals, as well as assist in moving barriers to employment and learn new effective job searching techniques.

Location: 15 Thickson Road North, Unit 6 Whitby, Ontario
Phone Number: (905) 725-0087 or 1(866) 794-4677

How to Prepare/Present yourself for an interview

First off you need to Dress the part even if the job you’re applying for involves wearing a uniform or working behind the scenes, the way you dress for an interview tells your potential employer that you take the job seriously. Don’t wear perfume, cologne or any over powering lotions, after shaves or deodorants that may distract others from their work. Many people have strong allergic reactions to scented items.

Appear confident and look your potential employer in the eye when you firmly shake their hand. Appearing confident is easiest when you know what you’re talking about so make sure to do your research.

Being Prepared is very important. Find out more about the position or company in advance and show your knowledge during the interview. Researching the company shows the interviewer that you’re smart and eager to learn. Looking on the company’s website or talking to someone who has worked there allows you to think in advance about which skills you have that fit well with the job.

Answer and Ask Questions When going for an interview you will be asked typical interview questions, such as; why you’re interested in the position, what types of skills you offer, and the hours you’re available to work. Prepare your answers before the interview. Take some extra time to review commonly asked interview questions so you are more confident and feel prepared when the employer asks. You may even have a list of questions you wish to ask the potential employer during the interview.

  1. What would some of my responsibilities be?
  2. How would my job performance be evaluated?
  3. How will I be trained or introduced to the job?
  4. What are some things you like about working at this company?

Follow up Send the interviewer a brief email or letter thanking him or her for spending time with you and let them know you’re interested in the position.

Housing Services

Securing housing can be stressful. Listed below is information on several housing supports in the region.

Emergency Shelters

Emergency shelters provide temporary housing for individuals who have no other place to stay. Emergency shelters may provide shared or private rooms with shared facilities such as washrooms, laundry and lounge areas.

Joanne’s House/Durham Youth Shelter

Joanne’s House is an emergency shelter and provides short term housing for youth, age 16 to 24 years old. This shelter is a drop-in safe place for youth. They provide meals, clothing, shower and washroom facilities, access to phone and internet, help with navigating the social service system, referrals for counselling, education on nutrition and hygiene and assistance with employment readiness.

Location: 82 Kings Crescent, Ajax, Ontario
Phone Number: (905) 239-9477

Muslim Welfare Center

Muslim Welfare Center is an emergency shelter for women and children of any denomination. The shelter can be accessed Monday Sunday 24 hours/day.

Location: 425 Dundas Street East, Whitby, Ontario
Phone Number: (905) 665-0424

Cornerstone Men’s Hostel

Cornerstone is an emergency shelter, providing short-term housing for males that are 16 years of age or older. Cornerstone is located in central Oshawa and can be accessed 365 days/year.

Location:133 Simcoe Street South, Oshawa, Ontario
Phone Number:( 905) 433-0254

Violence Against Women (VAW) Shelters:

Leaving an abusive situation can be one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to face. How will you look after your children? Where will you find affordable housing? Where can you go until you get back on your feet? VAW shelters provide temporary shelter for single women, with or without children, who require support to leave an abusive relationship.


Bethesda House

Bethesda House is a safe and secure residence where women and their children can stay when leaving an abusive relationship. The shelter is funded for 18 beds, although it has the capacity to offer up to 20 beds in an emergency. It is a shared accommodation with a child-friendly playroom.

Location: Clarington Area
Phone Number: (905) 623-6050 or 1(800) 338-3397

Herizon House

Herizon House provides emergency shelter for women and their children who are fleeing abusive relationships. A crisis line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for women to call for information and referrals. Herizon House provides programming for women including therapeutic groups and workshops.

Location: Ajax/Pickering Area
Phone Number: (905) 426-1064

The Denise House

The Denise House provides emergency accommodation for women and their children who are leaving an abusive relationship. The shelter offers a 24-hour crisis line and is staffed 24-hours a day, seven days a week. A TTY line is also available to facilitate calls from members of the deaf community. The Denise House maintains a confidential location and provides supportive counselling to women while they reside at the shelter.

Location: Oshawa Area
Phone Number: (905)-728-7311 or 1-800-263-3725

Y’s WISH Shelter

Y’s WISH Shelter is a program offered through YWCA Durham, and offers emergency accommodation for women who are leaving abusive relationships. Y’s WISH Shelter provides a 24-hour crisis line, short-term crisis counselling, safety planning for women and children, access to community agencies including housing, social services, legal aid, referrals and advocacy.

Location: Oshawa Area
Phone Number: (905) 576-2997

Housing Assistance Services

If you’re looking for an apartment or house to rent is a great resource. You can search by location, unit size and price range within your chosen region.

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)

CLEO has a number of helpful publications about common landlord and tenant issues. Such as; Can a landlord hold onto your property? Who will help me fight an eviction? How do I deal with harassment and discrimination from a landlord? For further information, visit their website.


Landlord and Tenant Board

The Landlord and Tenant Board informs landlords and tenants about their rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act and provides fair and timely dispute resolutions in accordance with the law. If you have questions about residential tenancies you may contact the Landlord and Tenant Board at the number listed below.

Phone Number: (416) 645-8080 or toll-free at: 1(888) 332-3234

John Howard Society

The John Howard Society of Durham Region provides housing and residence programs for youth age 16 or older. They can assist with independent living skills, budgeting, goal setting, time management, counselling and can assist with locating adequate and affordable housing. For further information, please visit their website.

Phone: (905) 579-8482
Location: 75 Richmond Street West, Oshawa, Ontario

(The main office of JHS is located in downtown Oshawa, just west of Centre Street and just north of Bond Street)

Business Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00am – 7:00pm
Friday: 8:00am – 4:00pm

YWCA Oshawa – Housing Programs

The YWCA Durham provides programs and services for women, children and youth, with respect to housing and education.


2nd Stage Housing

The YWCA Durham provides a second stage housing program for women at risk. Residents can stay for a maximum 24 months and are provided with safe, supportive and affordable housing, including meals. 2nd Stage Housing is for women 18 years old or older. For further information, contact the number below.

Phone Number:(905) 576-8880

The Refuge

The Refuge is a Christian based organization dedicated to working with youth up to age 24. The Refuge provides a number of free drop-in programs. The Refuge facility has a large kitchen, shower & laundry facilities, a clothing and hygiene room, baby supplies, computer access and telephone access available to youth.

Location: 300 Court Street Oshawa, Ontario
Phone Number: (905) 404-2420

Housing Access Centre-Ajax

Phone Number: (905) 686-2661

Shelter Services outside Durham Region

Are you looking for an emergency shelter outside of the Durham Region?

Covenant House – Toronto

Covenant House in Toronto is a shelter that provides housing supports for youth aged 16 to 24. They provide a safe place to stay as well as guidance and support for after care. The shelter has 94 beds and can accommodate all genders.

Location: 20 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, Ontario
Phone Number: 1(800) 435-7308

Y.E.S (Youth Emergency Shelter) – Peterborough

The Y.E.S. Shelter offers temporary housing to youth 16-24 and families. The shelter has a total of 30 beds, 15 of which are in a separated section for families. The shelter is open and staffed 24 hours a day. The length of stay at the shelter varies and youth are expected to secure permanent housing as soon as possible. During the day, residents are required to look for housing and attend school or go to work. Shelter staff can provide assistance connecting youth to community services and resources.

Phone Number:( 705) 748-3851
Location: 196 Brock Street, Peterborough, Ontario