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Our primary goal is to support children to live safely with their families. When this is not possible, living with another family, preferably known to the child, is important so the child can flourish and grow.

Adoption is one of several options available when looking for lifelong connections for children that offer permanent stability and security that children and youth need and deserve.

Considering Adoption

In Ontario, adoption takes place in several ways. Adoption is often explored in all three systems:

  • Public child welfare system
  • Private adoption agencies
  • Inter-country adoption agencies

The Adoption in Ontario: Private, Public and Inter-Country brochure outlines the three adoption streams in Ontario and how to access them.

Click here to read the brochure.

Centred Content

Post-Adoption Support

Sometimes families want or need support after adoption has been finalized. Families may want or need assistance understanding various services available to help support their family.

We are able to provide information about community services, financial assistance, or support groups that support the child and family’s needs. Adoptive families are always encouraged to call us if they have any questions or need support.


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