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Are you at that point in your life when you are starting to think about applying for College or University but not sure how or where to start? Here you will find information on post-secondary provincial funding opportunities for Crown Wards and how to apply for post-secondary education and government financial assistance.

How to apply for post-secondary education:

There is a fee to apply for Colleges and Universities. This fee ranges from $90.00 to $120.00. As a previous Crown Ward of the Society, you are eligible to be reimbursed for this application fee. For more information on the reimbursement for post-secondary application fee, log onto

Apply for College

Apply for University

OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) is a financial loan that helps students in Ontario pay for their education. Public Colleges and Universities also have assistance programs, scholarships, grants and bursaries. Learn more about the program, who is eligible and how to apply.

Ontario Access Grant for Crown Wards

This Grant expands the standard Ontario Access Grant. Students in programs that are 2 or more years in length may receive Access Grants for Crown Wards for 50% tuition fees to a maximum of $3000.00/year for up to 4 years. Students in a 1 year program may receive an Access Grant for Crown Wards for 100% tuition costs to a maximum of $3000.00. This Grant reduces the amount of OSAP loan funding that the student receives.

Living and Learning Grant (LLG)

The LLG will provide $500.00 a month during the school year to youth ages 21-24 (inclusive), enrolled full time in OSAP-eligible programs who were formally in receipt of, or eligible to receive Continued Care and Support for Youth (CCSY) (formerly ECM). Students may receive $500.00 a month per semester, at a maximum of $2000.00 per semester. Students will receive the LLG cheque, sent to the mailing address they provided on their OSAP application.

Ontario Tuition Grant

The 30% off Tuition Grant (OTG) or 30% fee reduction program provides tuition fee rebates to eligible students. This 30% cannot be added to any other tuition reduction. However youth from CAS care will receive the greater of the 30% off Ontario Tuition Grant OR the Ontario Access Grant for Crown Wards. Students who apply for OSAP will automatically be considered for the 30% off Tuition Grant.

Log onto the OSAP website for further information

Bursaries/Scholarships: Did you know there are many opportunities for bursaries for our current and previous Durham Children’s Aid Crown Wards? DCA Foundation provides bursaries to our youth annually. There is also the Clark Awards, the RONA/PHD Scholarships Awards, CAS Foundation and the Ken Dryden Scholarships for CAS youth.

Fnd out if you are eligible for bursaries and student awards.

Homework Help/ Tutors: Did you know DCAS has academic tutors to assist you with your academic studies? Speak to your worker to access a tutor from our tutor bank. There is also an online site that assists with Math for students in grade 7-10.

High School and Adult Learning: Did you want to finish high school now that you are an adult? Do you want to read and write better? The Durham District School Board can provide you with information that can assist you.

Academic Upgrading Program at Durham College (905) 721-3131

Durham District School Board (905) 890-1221

Durham Catholic District School Board 905-666-5500 or 1(800) 265-3968

Tuition Aid

Ready for Post-Secondary

To be eligible for most funding opportunities you must be enrolled in a public College or University in Ontario.

Participating Colleges and Universities