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Prenatal Support and Infant Care Program

Keeping children safe by helping moms

Our Prenatal Support Program is a voluntary service that supports pregnant people who may need some help to ensure their well-being and that of their baby.

Referrals to the program may include a range of concerns, such as substance abuse, domestic violence, mental health concerns and parenting capacity. Service can begin at any stage of the pregnancy. The focus is on the parents’ and family’s strengths.

We help the family connect with support services, such as housing, mental health, addiction services, prenatal health care, domestic violence services and counselling.

Our goal

To ensure a healthier pregnancy and safety for the newborn.

Early intervention

By being involved with families early and consistently, we can help to connect families to the appropriate services and ensure proper prenatal care is in place.

We strive to reduce risk to optimize the likelihood of a healthy baby.

Family involvement

Extended family can play a crucial role in ensuring success. Family members may also be considered as alternate caregivers if needed.

The program provides:

  • a designated worker who ensures consistent contact throughout the pregnancy and birth
  • a comprehensive understanding of the pregnant person’s health, family and home life, ensuring the best plans possible are in place
  • the ability to help families connect with services and ensure proper prenatal care
  • clear, consistent guidelines regarding how our services can be effectively integrated with other service providers

If you know someone who is pregnant and who may need some support to ensure the best outcomes for them and their baby, please call us.

If you are pregnant and feel you need some help for your and your baby’s well-being, please call us. We are here to help.