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Please call us at: (905) 433-1551

For Kids

If you have been hurt, we have people who can help you.

If someone has done something to hurt you, or scare you, you can call us and talk to one of our workers. You can also call us if you don’t feel safe in your house. When adults hurt children it’s wrong, and sometimes it is abuse.

If you have been hit, or if an adult touched you in a way that made you uncomfortable, we can help you. Or if you have friend that you think is hurt or scared, you can call us and we will help.

Even if the person who hurt you told you not to tell, you should call us. We will protect you.

It is wrong for someone to tell you not to talk to someone if you are scared.

You shouldn’t be scared. We are here to help you. Call us and we will keep you safe.

Types of abuse

There are different types of abuse, such as physical, emotional, sexual and neglect.

Physical abuse:

  • Hitting with a hand or an object like a belt or stick, especially hitting that leaves bruises or cuts
  • Shaking
  • Pushing
  • Kicking

Emotional abuse:

  • When someone hurts you in other ways, without touching
  • Constant yelling
  • Threatening
  • Name calling

Sexual abuse:

  • When someone touches your private parts in a sexual way
  • If someone makes you touch him or her.
  • If someone takes pictures of your private parts

Your body is private and you can ask someone to stop.


  • You don’t have enough food, or a place to live
  • No adult is taking care of you
  • You don’t have clean clothes, or enough warm clothes
  • You don’t have a warm bed to sleep in
  • You never go to see a doctor or dentist

What to do

Sometimes abuse goes on for a long time, and kids don’t want to tell because they think they did something wrong.

Even if the person hurting you says it’s a game or that you’ll get in trouble if you say anything, you should tell anyway. You haven’t done anything wrong.

If you are worried about yourself or a friend, please talk to someone you trust. You can talk to a teacher or your principal, or you can call us.

An adult that you trust can help you. He or she can help you speak with someone at the Children’s Aid Society to talk about your problems and ways to keep you safe.

You are important to us. You can call us anytime day or night, to talk about your problems, or to ask for help. We are here to keep you safe.

You can also call the Kid’s Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868.