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Black History Month

Join us in recognizing and celebrating Black History Month. Of course our commitment to listening, learning, sharing, celebrating and changing is not limited to one month of the year, but this month does give us an opportunity to shine a spotlight on many different aspects of Black history.

Black History Month

The last year has been a tumultuous and painful time for so many reasons. Let us come together – socially distanced of course – and work for a more just society.

Durham CAS stands in solidarity with the Black community of Canada and the world. Collectively we pledge to advocate and agitate for racial equity, social justice and humanity. We maintain that zero tolerance for violence in all its manifestations of direct, systemic and cultural oppression and in the form of anti-Black racism is a matter of respect for human rights.

There are countless resources available that will help us learn about our local and national history, about the music, visual art, dance, film, books by and featuring Black artists, and about the policies and practices of institutions that impact Black children, youth and families. We will be sharing information and links on our social media platforms, please join us there to help us reflect, celebrate and compel change.