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Our adoption story: Andrea and John

Every child is precious, regardless of age or anything else. When John and I married we had already planned to become an adoptive family if we could, because there are these precious children already on this earth, one of whom we might be a family with.
It took time, many months, for the phone call to let us know our child was ready to come home. We had a bit of a bedroom ready but had to personalize it, once we knew who it would be.Three hand prints

The excitement was unbearable. When we met our child – a toddler – his demeanor was utterly neutral, and when his caregivers walked out the door after a lengthy visit with us his crying lasted for what felt like 24 hours. That means he’s bonded, doesn’t it?

After that he became listless, and allowed anyone to handle him, never crying nor smiling. I remember holding his sleeping body that first week, and whispering to him, “You’re home, sweetheart. You’re safe. We promise to take care of you and be your family for your entire life from now on.” Such aching love for this little person.

It took time to develop his trust and attachment. I remember the first time he rubbed noses with me. After that his bond was unshakable, and he blossomed. That was a while ago. This little guy, Steven, is now 22; what a confident, friendly, capable, loving young man he is! My heart could just burst for love of him.

We three, and our extended family have lived the past twenty years as a family of mutual encouragement, through all the sad and happy times, teaching, learning, playing, working, growing. Family includes Grandma, Grandpa, cousins, aunts, uncles, who have all felt enriched; and some of them have now adopted too. We can’t imagine life any other way. What a gift he’s been indeed, like a miracle, a blessing, just the way any new child is to a family.

We’re so thankful to the birth family who made this choice for this precious life, and for the workers who helped connect us. There are so many children waiting for their forever home who could have a similar story just by someone stepping out and being open to that possibility, and the fulfiment that results.