Foster Family Week: Oct. 14 to 20

Join us to celebrate our foster families! 

Foster Family Week is October 14 to 20, and we are thrilled to be partnering this year with the Foster Parent Society of Ontario and other children’s aid societies in the Greater Toronto Area to to celebrate the important role foster families play in caring for the most vulnerable children in Ontario.

Agencies across Ontario will be celebrating in various ways. Locally, we are working with seven neighbouring agencies to raise awareness about the invaluable role that foster families play. Each agency is hosting local events to celebrate their families and share their stories.handprint

Participating agencies are:

Foster families are a diverse community of caregivers. They open their hearts and homes to children and youth who are unable to live at home with their families because they are at risk of harm or their families are temporarily unable to care for them.

Foster families – parents and children – not only provide a safe, stable home for children and youth in need, they invite them into their family in every sense of the word. Foster families also play a fundamental role in supporting family reunification and building strong communities.

Learn how you can get involved!

Each pf the eight agencies is also hosting an information session on Wednesday, October 17. at 7 pm in their respective regions for those who want to learn how they can get involved.

There is a critical need for more foster parents across Ontario to ensure children and youth have a safe, stable home in their community – especially older youth, children with complex needs, and sibling groups.

To get involved here in Durham, join us at our info session on Wednesday, October 17, at 7 pm at our office: 1320 Airport Blvd., Oshawa.

Contact us to learn more:

See the links above to get involved in other regions.